Words can be scary

Words can be pretty intimidating. Take “What” and “If” for example; apart they seem like two completely innocent and normal words. But together they can be completely soul crushing. “What if”.

So why do we have such a negative look on these words? Is it because we link them to all of our doubts and uncertainties? Is it because we’re making up excuses as to why our lives aren’t going the way we hoped? Or is because we’re scared that maybe we missed out on something amazing?

Why do we always torture ourselves so much? We are always thinking that what we have is never good enough and that other people have better things than us. But it’s simple really! “Love what you have and you’ll have more love”.

“What if” makes you wonder about the past too much, and we all know where that will end up. You’ll stay up all night thinking about that old friend that you stopped speaking to, or that ex that you broke up with. But why? It is natural for us to wonder what could have happened or what could have been, but it is up to us to fight that natural reaction and figure out a way to stay in the present and look to the future.

What I want to do today is for everyone to see, words don’t have to be scary, words don’t have to be so negative, but most of all don’t be so hard on yourself. You are the only one that can make that step from “what if i’d done this instead?”, “what if i’d stayed with him/her?” and “what if I just kept my stupid  mouth shut?” to “what if I try this today?”, “what if I go out with my friends tonight?” and “what if I pluck up the courage and ask him/her out” after all, the worst that could happen is that you try and fail. But let’s face it; it is better to have tried and failed than to sit there and think “what if”

Now, that sounds pretty depressing but again, it isn’t! All of the cheesy lines like “don’t know until you try”, and “it is better to have loved and lost than to have never of loved at all” are completely true. Cheesy, but true. How do you know what it’s like to fall in love if you’ve never loved before, for that matter, how do you know you are loved unless you have loved someone or something yourself. How do you know that if you go to that party that you won’t get hit on by the cute guy/ girl, unless you go! How do you know you won’t get the job, unless you apply. Do you see the pattern? You don’t know what will happen, so stop torturing yourself after with “what if”. You can’t change the past, but that shouldn’t stop you from living the future.

My point? Live spontaneously, love yourself, be proud of yourself, and take every day as it comes (again, all the cheese coming out here). You are the one that has made it this far, so why torture yourself with the past?

What if i finally say yes to that coffee with that friend? Maybe they’ll become the person for me to rely on?

What if I apply for that job? Maybe I’ll get it and become a millionaire?

What if I go skydiving? Maybe I’ll find a new passion?

“What if?” the new invitation to do bigger and better things.


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