What Now?

I often find myself sitting on my sofa blankly staring into my cup of tea thinking “what now?”

Almost 2 months ago I finally gave into my friends nagging and applied to university to do Child Nursing. I have never had confidence in myself that I would be accepted, but all of my friends constantly pushed me and told me I could do it. So I did. I sat down, whacked out a personal statement, dug up a person for a reference, and entered all of my details. Honestly, it took me about two hours to do all of that, mainly due to the fact I didn’t realise I only had three days to submit everything.

Eventually I hit that submit button, I agreed to the terms and conditions and paid what I need to. I then sat there, with my cup of tea thinking “what now?”

For a few weeks I checked my email everyday to see if I had any reply yet. Nope. Not today. But then there it was, sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to click. “Something has been changed on your UCAS application”. I put the kettle on (you always need tea through stressful times) and I sat down and clicked, patiently waiting for the page to load. What I saw made me feel many types of emotions; scared, confused, sad, happy, hungry. I had been rejected from university. “What now?”

Okay, So I’ll phone them, maybe they can help me? “Sorry but we won’t even consider you for this as there are people with much better qualifications than you, you don’t even have an A-level science” So I get my tea, I get online and I search for the solution (that was after I did a little bit of crying). I signed up to two home learning courses Mental Health and Social Care and an A-level science. I phone back the next day and the lady seems impressed. She let’s me speak to the admissions team. They aren’t impressed. “What now?”

Honestly, this whole thing has only just ended about two months on. I am not going to university and I am still doing my courses at home. “What now?”

Step 1- Put the kettle on

Step 2- Make tea

Step 3- Drink Tea and write first blog about my devastation.

Step 4- Tidy house; Tidy work place, tidy mind.

Step 5- Go for a walk, this will help me clear my mind, plus I can buy chocolate now.

Step 5- Return with chocolate and make another cup of tea.

Step 6- Realise that rejection isn’t the end.

Step 7- Think about my future and what I want to accomplish.

Step 8- Remember, I am only 22, life hasn’t even begun yet!

Step 9- Stop doubting myself

Step 10- Start engines and go.

“What now?” This isn’t the end, this is an invitation to start again.


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