A letter to a friend.

The words that break my heart.

“I need to loose weight, I’m not beautiful” My dear friend, beauty is more than what you are seeing on the outside. I know that you are a beautiful person. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful. I don’t just mean your gorgeous eyes, your beautiful smile, your cute hair, or your sexy curves. I mean your heart too.

You have the most beautiful heart. I have never met anyone who loves as full on as you do, loves as easily you do, and see’s the good in even the worst of people. You have been bullied and beaten down so many times in your life and yet you still get back up and find a way to move on. Not just that, but you forgive people after they do this to you.

I don’t believe in heaven, or God, or angels. But if I did, I would say you were an angel. No one else I know would have as much patience as you do with people.

Even when you’ve been let down you carry on. I wish I had your strength and your honesty, and even more, I wish you could see what I see.

My dear friend, please don’t get yourself down. You don’t have a man in your life? That’s okay, because every man I’ve known you to like has not been right for you. You need someone who will sit there and stroke your hair and call you beautiful, you need someone who will understand why you want them to text back so promptly, you need a man that understands your insecurities and makes you forget them. That man does exist, I found mine when I didn’t think I ever would.

My dear friend, you are a funny one. You have the sweetest laugh and a gorgeous smile and I love seeing it more often recently.

Relish the single days because it won’t be long that you’ll look back on them and think “That was an amazing time I had. Oh and that cute boy… he was a bit of alright” remember the moments that you get to flirt and the moments you get to dance with random guys ( I know what you’re like on a night out!).

You never know when you will bump into “Mr Right”, and even better? He doesn’t know he’s going to bump into his “Mrs Right”.

I love you. You are beautiful. Never forget that.


6 thoughts on “A letter to a friend.

  1. This goes so deeply into my heart. No one should ever feel this way. Tell your friend that she’s beautiful and that people will see that if she feels that she is. THAT’S what matters. It’s about building from the inside, not the outside ❤


    • Thank you so much, I will let her know (I have a habit of trying my best to do it every day). I am glad it touched your heart, I hope it touches many other peoples too. Thank you for taking your time to comment. Hope you have a happy time 🙂 xx


      • starlightdaydreamer says:

        I do, thankfully, have someone I can talk to, although I’m not sure if they’d write something like that for me. If they have, they haven’t shared it with me yet. But I guess everyone has their own ways of showing they care!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I am glad to hear that. Well maybe they are writing a really long book about how much they love you? Or they’re writing a 365 songs to sing to you everyday for a year? I don’t know… maybe that’s what they’re doing!


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