I’m Not A Crazy Cat Lady

So, I’m not a crazy cat lady. I don’t think so anyway. I don’t own any cats so that’s got to be a good thing right?

Basically I am going to share with you some AMAZING (please don’t judge me) cat jokes.

Q: What is a cat’s favourite cereal?

A: Micecrispies.

Q: What do cats use for justice systems?

A: Claw enforcement.

Q: What do you call a pile of cats?

A: A Meowntin.

Q: What do cats love on a hot day?

A: Mice-cream.

Q: What is a cats favourite song?

A: Three Blind Mice.

Q: Where does a cat go when it loses it’s tail?

A: A retail store.

These a just a few. Do you have any ridiculous jokes that I could tell all my friends? They’d be delighted- it’s not like I tell cat jokes all of the time anyway.


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