The Tube: You Don’t Have To Try.

So I recently went to London and I was obviously using The Tube all the time.

I find that this is the perfect opportunity to people watch.

I found it funny (being from a very small town where everyone is generally friendly and willing to chat) that even making eye contact makes these people become almost silently hostile.

So while doing a bit of people watching I saw this girl get on with her boyfriend. She was a bigger girl, and her boyfriend was pretty damned grumpy. There was also a VERY model looking girl that got on at the same time. Rather than sitting next to his girlfriend he went and stood perfectly in front of this other girl. His girlfriend looked close to tears and it upset me so much.

I could see in her eyes how much she wanted to be this other girl. She wanted to be stick thin, perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect clothes. She wanted to be someone else to impress her boyfriend.

Honestly I want to do two things, cuddle her and tell her that she is beautiful and unique and her eyes were gorgeous, Or burst into song.

This song is one that I also sent to my friend (the one from my previous blog “Letter To A Friend) because although it is very cheesy it is also very true.

The song is called “Try” By Colbie Callait. Give it a quick listen.

So, now you’ve listened to that I hope you remember that you are the one that has to put up with you for the rest of your life, so you are the one has to be happy with who you are, what you look like, how you act. So don’t try and make yourself different for other people.


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