A Hard Day

So, I recently started a new job and I have been nothing but busy, busy, busy! My new manager is really lovely and even said “Thank you” to me, which to anyone who knows me, this is an AMAZING thing!

Anyway, my first two weeks have contained no actual training as such because we have been preparing for audit. (great time to start a new job). So myself and my manager have been getting in early and leaving late so we can sort out the store (he’s only been in the store for a little while too, it seems the previous managers liked unorganised health hazards.) It has been a lot of hard work and I have been exhausted every single day, but it certainly paid off. We got an alright score considering how bad the store looked before and the area manager and my manager keep saying how lucky they are to have me on their team which makes me feel super good.

That is all over (for now) so now we’ve got to prepare the store for a big visit from one of the big bosses, so in between peeing ourselves (we’re scared not incontinent) and making stupid amounts of coffee we have begun prepping the store. This again has involved a lot of hard work. So today I came home and actually needed to do some cleaning and get food ready. Instead I thought “Forget this! I’m relaxing tonight!” I feel like it is VERY important to unwind, especially after a hard day at work. Just like a workout you need to work yourself up and work yourself down. I am trying my best at the moment to keep bad days at work spoken about to a minimum to avoid me blowing it up in my mind to something it isn’t and becoming a huge stress monster.

I basically thought I should compile a list of things I do after a hard day at work because maybe something I write could help you guys too? So here goes!

1. Get undressed.(FREEDOM)

2. Get dressed- but this time it better be in the comfiest clothes you own.

3. Put that kettle on. (no point sitting on the sofa with no cup of tea!)

4. Make the most rewarding cup of tea.

5. Grab a few biscuits (that is a few packets)

6. Put some rubbish TV on- you can substitute this with a rubbish film.

7. Eat myself into a biscuit coma.

8. Don’t have a shower because that’s way too much effort.

9. Wake up and make another cup of tea. (I think I’m addicted)

10. Read your favourite book of the moment (mine is currently “The Girl Who Saved The King Of Sweden” by Jonas Jonasson)

11. Read to your little hearts content.

12. Maybe put some music on (a good one for me is Alt-J)

13. Get someone else to make your food for you when they get home from work.

14. Run a bath if you fancy it- while you’re at it phone your best friend.


Tomorrow you will wake up a new person. Well that person would be a slightly biscuity, tea filled, rested person. But still, a new person!

So what do you guys do to wind down? Are you as lazy as me or do you do things that actually make you feel good in the long run like Yoga?

Let me know!



13 thoughts on “A Hard Day

    • Thank you aha! Sorry! I write too much maybe? haha! Well you’ve probably discovered I love tea and can pretty much do nothing unless I have tea. You must ALWAYS have tea. Thanks for taking your time to read through my ramblings, I really appreciate it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh no – you actually write succinctly, sorry I forgot to mention that. it’s one thing I like about your ramblings … unlike mine they’re short and to the point.


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