The Woman With A Heart

Today at work a woman walked in. She was very well dressed and looked as if she was quite important in her job role (whatever it was, that power cut was really working for her.) and she came in with a man that is known to be homeless around these ares. Since this is such a small town every one knows this man at least by sight.

So they walk in, and he looks like he is feeling really awkward as people turn their noses up at his smell, and try and dodge him a little bit. But not this woman.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me and said “Excuse me, are you able to help me find some warm clothes for this man here please, I don’t mind how much it is but I would like Thermals, trousers, socks, gloves, hat, scarf, thick jumper and a sleeping bag.” So I spent a little under and hour with her to get this man sorted.

The whole time they were there he just stood in a corner not really conversing with us unless we asked him a direct question.

This woman then proceeded to send around Β£150 on kitting out this man with some warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag. She thanked me and handed the bag over to the man to whom she said “let’s go grab some lunch.”

Humans can be good.


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