Remembering The Good Ol’ Days

So my friend is in Japan ( go check him out, and yesterday he sent me pictures of Pikachu from a Pokemon shop there. Not only was I excited (I really want a Squirtle though!) I also had the sudden urge to watch some pokemon. So I spent an hour…or two on Youtube watching some of my favourite episodes.

I enjoyed it way too much and thought I would share with you a song from my childhood!

Ooooh what a happy childhood I had! (still have)

This brings me on to my next subject; what do you remember most from your childhood? What makes you smile the most when you reminisce?

Let me know in the comments, what do you miss most about being a child? What do you wish you could get away with now as an adult that you got away with when you were younger?

Here is my list:

1. Tracy Beaker

2. Blowing bubbles (then chasing them)

3. Kiss Chase (not that I was very good at it)

4. Racing for everything (“I’ll race you!!”)

5. Pokemon (of course!)

6. Borrowing Mr Floppy (or was it Floppy Donkey?) from my teacher (this sounds worse than it is, Mr Floppy/ Floppy Donkey was a donkey toy that would go home with the best behaved child from that week).

7. Birthday parties (the best bit was getting the little bag at the end with the cake and toys in)

8. Thinking boys were the biggest problem in the world. (not too far from the truth, am I right ladies?)

9. Being a librarian in primary school (too cool.)

10. Residential trips (getting my wellie boot stuck in some mud and a brave boy jumping over to grab it for me “my hero”)

11. THE ZOO! By far the best trips ever.

12. Accidentally throwing up in my friends hat (sorry…didn’t mean to. But thanks! I guess I owe you a hat?)

13. Blue Peter (I won a badge so I was a little excited about this show)

There are so many more but I couldn’t write a whole page on my childhood memories! Could I?


9 thoughts on “Remembering The Good Ol’ Days

  1. Thanks for coming in my zones Kate… and well, I’m up for “doing this life thing”.
    I used quite a couple of Pokemon bedsheets in college. Heh heh!
    About my childhood, I think I miss reading Enid Blytons. Can’t find my copies now and don’t know if Enids are still in circulation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Let’s do this life thing then!
      Well good choice I’d say! I feel like I really need to own these bed sheets! I once had a skirt and matching top that had Pokemon all over it (because clearly I was the coolest kid!)
      Try Amazon!!


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