So I have just watched this video by a Vlogger I enjoy watching on Youtube. She got together with some of her Youtuber buddies and basically made them read out negative comments about their videos. I can imagine that sucks loads so what she did was slip a happy comment in there too to surprise them! (Isn’t that cute?)

The video is essentially about making the internet a happier place because these days we all spend so much of our time on it, why should it be so negative? When people put a lot of effort into their work or even a hobby it should be recognised and people should support that. Rather than being rude and mean about it.

A simple phrase “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” 

But change it a little for the internet world. “If you can’t type anything nice, don’t type anything at all.”

So give the video a quick watch and then let’s all get together to start making the internet a happier place!

So now you have watched that video here is a task for you today; say or do at least three things that will make someone smile. It could be a compliment to a stranger, a comment on a blog or post, or even a hug for someone who isn’t expecting it.

But why stop at three? You can keep doing it! Three a day like your meals!



12 thoughts on “MakeItHappy

  1. starlightdaydreamer says:

    This is so cute! It’s true though, what she said about that one negative thing being what you can end up focusing on and obsessing over, which is something I’ve been trying to change. When did it become so easy to be mean the whole time?
    I love how you’re using this post as a way of sharing the happiness! Let’s make people smile! It feels better anyway!

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    • Isn’t ot cute? I love how she was like here are some mean comments and then there is a nice one! So sweet! But Yeah, I can’t understand why people are mean when it is just as easy to say “Wow, that’s impressive. Well done!”

      Also, I’ve read you’re blogs and I hope you don’t feel down about what you do because I have a feeling you’ll do something great. I really enjoy reading your stuff!
      Well I thought I best start the “MakeItHappy” at home! Lead by example right? 🙂
      It DOES feel better!! Let’s keep spreading the happiness!! 🙂

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