My Reason For: Restarting

So today I was working and my old primary school head teacher walked in. (cue the happiest, loudest, and bubbliest I’ve been in a  long time.)

He wasn’t just any teacher. He was the coolest, funniest, kindest one I’ve known.

He is the one that made me want to be a teacher in the first place. He made me believe in myself when I was younger and he was the one that helped me think in my later life that I could actually do anything worth talking about. Today is a great example of the kind of man he is.

So let me first tell you what makes him the best.

In many other schools they were forced to sing Hymns and religious songs, While I have nothing against that; what could beat a good ol’ sing-a-along to Elvis, or The Beatles, or even Paul McCartney and anything else like that. We also got to sing songs like these below!!

Those are the ones that I remember the most!

So anyway, not only was he the coolest, he was super nice! He was really fair and would always speak to me like I was a grown up (he even made me and my friend librarians!) He convinced me that I should stand up to bullies by being a grow up and he convinced me that I was a good, smart person. He did this even into my life in secondary school, and clearly further on too.

If you ask any of his old students (as he retired a few years ago, I cried at his retirement assembly when I was volunteering there.) they will all tell you how lovely he was. I can’t quite put my finger on it but he is the type of teacher that respected his students even though they were 6, and he was the type of teacher that would say “Oh it’s raining, quick everyone lay on the ground with a straight body in a start shape.” so we would all get to the playground floor with our heads together and create big starts by keeping the ground under us dry…. the only thing (that he laughed at) was that our uniforms were soaked!

He was so much fun, there was always a good joke, a good story, and a song in his voice.

Because of how good he was up until the day he left (and clearly after too) he inspired me to want to become a teacher.

Somewhere along the line I lost track of what I was doing with my life, I’m still a little lost today. But as soon as I spoke to him today I remembered; I want to be the Mr Glenny for my children and others too.

Today I was re-inspired. 

I hope I can find his email or some form of contact so I can send this to him, I think all of his students want him to know how much he influenced our lives. I want him to know how much he has helped me by just being a fantastic and fun teacher.

Who or what inspires you? Have you lost inspiration lately? Let’s get it back shall we?


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