I’m Addicted To Learning.

I’m not sure if this is actually a huge issue. But I can get a bit too into subjects. And they aren’t always helpful to general life, they just take over my life until I know enough to talk about it.

I think it started when I had my first job (folding towels and selling curtains because I’m hardcore) Basically I couldn’t fold towels in the perfect way they are meant to to be and it upset me (I get very frustrated at thingsI can’t do) So on the last day of my first week I spent the best part of the day just folding towels until i got to the point of being able to do it stood up and really quickly. Accomplishment! (not much to some I guess- but now my towels look nice folded)

I carried on this sort of behaviour in most of my jobs even up until now and this has meant that in one of my jobs I became one of top sellers in the company (only because of a couple of crazy rich people!) and why I have also become a member of management in every job I have had since I was 18. I do not like not knowing things. So I make sure I know everything I can.

At first I used to get frustrated and even embarrassed  that I didn’t know how to do everything straight away, but then I realised that actually I am becoming quicker at learning and quicker at understanding the more I put my mind to the learning of whatever it it I want to know!

So, not only am I currently managing to blag being knowledgeable in my current job, I have even been told my my manager, my area manager, and other members of management from other stores that I am already fantastic! It’s this reaction I love. The reaction of shock that I am doing so well.

I don’t mean this in a “HA! I’m doing so well, praise me” way. I just mean it in a “I’m pretty darned shocked too!” kind of way!

But anyway, I am addicted to learning because I like feeling like I’ve accomplished something. But i seem to only learn things about facts and general knowledge. Obviously that’s not a bad thins but I feel like I could learn a lot more!

So again I call on you lovely people; What can I learn next? And what do you guys want to learn? Shall we get this done together?

I need to learn how to swim and at least one language. So what can I do guys? Let’s learn together!


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