I Love Love and I Love Sharing The Loving Love.

Love is the best thing ever. Love for your partner, your family, your friends, yourself, Pokemon, cake, permanent markers, flowers, shoes, pizza, Pokemon some more, and I’m getting carried away. But how much do you just love love?

There was a time I was single and completely okay with it. Wanna hear my secret? I had a lot of fun and I shared the love.

My favourite past time for Valentines day is buying two bunches of flowers and two boxes of chocolates and separating them into one flower and a few chocolates. I would then attach a note that says something like “Smile, love is never far away.” something soppy and simple like that, then I would walk around and place them on random peoples doorsteps or hand them to people on the street.

You might think that it is completely stupid and lame or what ever. But I knew that just because I wasn’t in a relationship with someone, that didn’t mean that I was alone, and I wanted to share that with other people.

Valentines day is a chance to show love for more than just your partner. Why shouldn’t everyone- even strangers get to feel that silly warmness you get when someone says that they care about you? Why should people with partners be the only one to get chocolates and flowers on valentines day?

Go out today and spread some love. Tell your colleague how nice their hair looks today, tell a stranger that their shoes are cute, tell a friend that you love  their face, buy someone a coffee, buy someone (me) a cake, send a random person some flowers, buy your self a pint of cider. Do anything to spread that love like butter on toast!

Valentines day: Let’s show the world some lovin’. 

Happy Valentines everyone- hope your day is full of love and happy things!


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