Let Me Do This

Lets face it, we all feel lost once in a while, I am pretty guilty of that right now. Doing that whole “WHY AM I HERE?!” thing. You know the one where you doubt your entire existence and you’re a total drama queen about it? Yeah, that’s me right now.

I keep thinking about all of the things I want to do in my life and how much I feel like I’ll never reach them and I have decided I really need to stop thinking like this because the future hasn’t happened yet so how can I say “This will never happen!”

So to encourage myself I have decided to make a list of things, be it silly, ridiculous, outrageous, or even boring I am going to write them down so that if I ever start forgetting about what I’m doing with my life I can read this back and go.. “Oh yeah, I’m not so lost after all!”

Let me know what you guys want to do with your life? How do you remember the path you wanted to take when you felt lost in the deep dark woods of the world?

***NOTE TO FUTURE KATIE. DO NOT FORGET THIS OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN…Well…you know if they’ve made time travel possible while i’m still alive I guess?***

Learn lots of new things including;

  • Swimming
  • At least 3 new language
  • Cook meals that are popular in other countries but not ours
  • Lots of science things
  • How to be a ‘people-person’
  • Yoga/ meditation.
  • Dance.

Experience new places;

  • Fly over New York at night.
  • Go to a really organised, clean, tidy, German library.
  • Go to the Brugge Christmas market.
  • Go and see Tokyo Tower/ General Tokyo.
  • See the Grand Canyon.
  • Hear/ see Niagra Falls.
  • Play in Central Park.
  • Find secret forests/ beaches.

Experience this lot too;

  • Kiss under water. (I need to also get over my fear of being under water for this)
  • Find magical underwater caves.
  • Cuddle a Lion.
  • Get Married/ Have Children.
  • Sing on a stage (in front of people– for those of you who don’t know me… THIS IS A BIG DEAL.)
  • Write a Childs book.
  • Learn how to make clothes. (this one with my lack of coordination is most likely to be a ‘not-very-well-made-hat’ kind of deal.)
  • Fly a plane/ helicopter/ hot air balloon.
  • Sky dive (someone will most likely have to push me)
  • Discover that Phoenix’ were in fact real (again, those of you who know me know that this is a big deal too…because apparently I’m not very smart.)
  • Love for myself.
  • Get a dog and call it dog because I am un imaginative.
  • Get a cat and call it squishes.
  • Make my own flavour of Ice cream.
  • Believe in myself.
  • Get the management job I’ve been wanting.
  • Push myself to run every morning again.
  • Never say a bad word about anyone (this one is how I used to be, so this will be interesting)
  • Visit really cool pubs.
  • Drive through different countries with no plans and just stay wherever we feel like.
  • See The Northern Lights.

Basically I want my life to be full of adventures and fun. I want to look back when I’m on my last legs and laugh about the mistakes I made and reminisce as I think about the laughs I had. I want to remember “that time” when I did something stupid (this is most likely going to be a long list). I want to be able to look at my children and tell them about my adventures so that when they grow up they want to do their own. I want to experience the world how I think we all should.

So I’ll tell myself now. Do NOT give up. Let me do this.


Back from my adventure!

Well I made it to LA and back alive!

My exciting adventure begun by waking up at silly hours of the morning to go to London Heathrow to get into my first big metal machine that flies over oceans and lands and takes me to new places. I think they call it a plane or something? Maybe it’s because the food on it is so plain? (Get it?!) Sorry I’ll stop.

So anyway, my first time on a plane was cool. My initial thought when looking out of the window while taking off was “the land shouldn’t be at that angle” but then i found movies and had food handed to me so it was pretty decent to be honest. The flight staff were lovely and there weren’t any screaming children or annoying people on board! Win!

¬†When we finally got to LA after our 11 hour flight (it was 4 in the morning to us, where as it was only about 7 in the evening to them!) we were pretty tired! It was pouring it down with rain which wasn’t what I was expecting because I ‘m fairly certain it only rains in England, right?

First thing I want to point out is that everyone is super nice and cheerful. Being British this confused me. But I think I soon warmed up to it. I think saying “Awww that is super sweet” to everything nice that someone did kind of gave that away.

Secondly, what is up with breakfast? Why give me so many choices that early in the morning? What are you trying to do to me? I could never decide! Especially not the early hours we IMG_0200were eating! WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME?! No, but seriously the food was yummy! (Too much for little old me though)

So I’ll get off the topic of food because my belly is growling now.

We had lots of neat touristy adventures including Disney, Legoland, Chinese Theatre, Candy stores, Santa Monica Beach, Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, many diners, Hollywood, The Getty Centre and loads of other exciting places! I tasted coffee that was (sorry guys) pretty terrible and tea (sorry again) that was even worse, but I kind of liked it because it was exactly how I thought it would taste!

There are two moments I loved the most. One being; when me and my friend were walking out of Disneyland for the last time on our holiday “You’ve got a friend in me” From Toy Story and for some reason it made me feel really light and floaty.

The second time was our last day. We left the house and it was beautiful and sunny and then half way through the day it began to pour it down with rain (I was in shorts and a white top so…you know. not great.) and we called a taxi to go somewhere else. The lady (who was rightfully called Joy) was super sweet! She wasn’t just generally nice and chatty she forced us to take her umbrella because she didn’t want us to get wet. I just thought this was the cutest thing, I don’t think that there are many nice, or good people like that around these days and she helped the holiday finish off lovely!

To finish off my holiday, I got stuck in a translation that wasn’t home, all my clothes were cooking wet, my friend had to drive for about and 1 hour and 45 minutes to come pick me up really late in the evening, I didn’t get home until very late, I now have the flu (to the point of an ride in an ambulance because my body rocks at being ill) and this week I am working 10 days in a row! Woo! Welcome home! (don’t worry guys, I’m actually fine!)

I honestly can not wait to go somewhere new. Maybe I won’t know the language so I’ll have to magic my way out of a situation? Who knows?