Let Me Do This

Lets face it, we all feel lost once in a while, I am pretty guilty of that right now. Doing that whole “WHY AM I HERE?!” thing. You know the one where you doubt your entire existence and you’re a total drama queen about it? Yeah, that’s me right now.

I keep thinking about all of the things I want to do in my life and how much I feel like I’ll never reach them and I have decided I really need to stop thinking like this because the future hasn’t happened yet so how can I say “This will never happen!”

So to encourage myself I have decided to make a list of things, be it silly, ridiculous, outrageous, or even boring I am going to write them down so that if I ever start forgetting about what I’m doing with my life I can read this back and go.. “Oh yeah, I’m not so lost after all!”

Let me know what you guys want to do with your life? How do you remember the path you wanted to take when you felt lost in the deep dark woods of the world?

***NOTE TO FUTURE KATIE. DO NOT FORGET THIS OR I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN…Well…you know if they’ve made time travel possible while i’m still alive I guess?***

Learn lots of new things including;

  • Swimming
  • At least 3 new language
  • Cook meals that are popular in other countries but not ours
  • Lots of science things
  • How to be a ‘people-person’
  • Yoga/ meditation.
  • Dance.

Experience new places;

  • Fly over New York at night.
  • Go to a really organised, clean, tidy, German library.
  • Go to the Brugge Christmas market.
  • Go and see Tokyo Tower/ General Tokyo.
  • See the Grand Canyon.
  • Hear/ see Niagra Falls.
  • Play in Central Park.
  • Find secret forests/ beaches.

Experience this lot too;

  • Kiss under water. (I need to also get over my fear of being under water for this)
  • Find magical underwater caves.
  • Cuddle a Lion.
  • Get Married/ Have Children.
  • Sing on a stage (in front of people– for those of you who don’t know me… THIS IS A BIG DEAL.)
  • Write a Childs book.
  • Learn how to make clothes. (this one with my lack of coordination is most likely to be a ‘not-very-well-made-hat’ kind of deal.)
  • Fly a plane/ helicopter/ hot air balloon.
  • Sky dive (someone will most likely have to push me)
  • Discover that Phoenix’ were in fact real (again, those of you who know me know that this is a big deal too…because apparently I’m not very smart.)
  • Love for myself.
  • Get a dog and call it dog because I am un imaginative.
  • Get a cat and call it squishes.
  • Make my own flavour of Ice cream.
  • Believe in myself.
  • Get the management job I’ve been wanting.
  • Push myself to run every morning again.
  • Never say a bad word about anyone (this one is how I used to be, so this will be interesting)
  • Visit really cool pubs.
  • Drive through different countries with no plans and just stay wherever we feel like.
  • See The Northern Lights.

Basically I want my life to be full of adventures and fun. I want to look back when I’m on my last legs and laugh about the mistakes I made and reminisce as I think about the laughs I had. I want to remember “that time” when I did something stupid (this is most likely going to be a long list). I want to be able to look at my children and tell them about my adventures so that when they grow up they want to do their own. I want to experience the world how I think we all should.

So I’ll tell myself now. Do NOT give up. Let me do this.


17 thoughts on “Let Me Do This

  1. I know what you mean Kate . I’m 50 and I still want to do things I should have done a long time ago like go to Scotland and maybe France one day . I want to write a book too . Also want to get married to sue I want to help people do more for charity (not sure I am brave enough to do bungee jumping or jumping out of an plane yet tho lol )but you never know . there are so many things I still want to do with my life and I know I have to push myself to do them Life really is to short so you should live life to the full :). Good luck with your adventures

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    • I’ll try and find a picture of the one I want to go to. It is literally the sexiest library ever! aha! Thank you for reading! It;s been a while for me! Are you going to Germany soon? Hugs!

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      • πŸ™‚ I’m living in Germany now πŸ™‚
        But I never visited a library. I need to go to another town though, this one has only the school library working in a huge container πŸ˜€


      • Ah! I see! Well you need to do it! I think it is in Stuttgart? It was a concept building a few years ago so I’m not sure if it’s actually been done! But google it for sure! It looks good! It’s like the Apple store of libraries!
        Well that sounds pretty cool too! I love libraries. There is something mystical about them (I’m clearly a nerd aha)

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      • I’ll check it out!! Stuttgart is not really near but now I’m really curious to see how any library is!! πŸ™‚


      • πŸ™‚ I used to love reading. Now I can’t concentrate and I’m not enjoying reading very much. I’m struggling to read all the blogs I follow, that makes me sad!!
        Maybe going to a library will help πŸ™‚


      • Aw no! I was struggling for a while and then I found a book that I managed to just get so submerged in and I found my love for reading again! Give it a go!

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  2. starlightdaydreamer says:

    I love your idea of doing a list! I keep starting a list of things I want to do/see/achieve, but then I get distracted and leave it unfinished. And then during my daily life crisis I worry about never accomplishing anything ever because I feel like a failure!

    One of these days I’ll actually complete the writing of the list … As for the things on the list … We’ll see!


    • Take a look at my friends comment above (Joslingo) He said about this great app where you can makes lists etc and said that he felt it was a really good feeling be able to tick things off.

      I find it really hard to not get distracted or lost so I think having it written down somewhere would be a good idea for me. Maybe you could do one on here so as to push you? Get a little encouragement from us guys too? I feel a lot better with you lot reading it because i’ll feel guilty if i don’t do it now! Haha!

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  3. Wooooo it’s me! You use our hundred happy days finale photo πŸ˜€

    By the way I like to use the app ‘any.do’ on my phone let’s me quickly write down things I need to do while I think of them from short term to long term goals.

    But also I find the key to being successful ; is starting with small goals, I enjoy the feeling of ticking lots of things off the list so I’ll have everything from ‘take out the rubbish’ , ‘ring mum’ to ‘find a place to swim with turtles’.

    Everything can be an accomplishment! Useful for work too πŸ™‚

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    • Haha, yeah I actually used that photo because it was really nice seeing you do all those things on your “100happydays” and that day has some nice memories for me! (very proud of you that day too!!)

      Oh! I may have to take a look at that! I think the feeling of ticking things off is really nice because it feels like you’re actually accomplishing something! I’ll have to try that app and see how I get along with it! Lots of adventure today! Will post about it after a nap!

      I like the thought that everything can be an accomplishment. if that’s the case i’ll write “make a cup of tea” and “eat lots of cake” I could tick those off pretty darn quickly!!


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