If only it was this easy hey? Where are my Fairy Godmothers, could do with one!



Monday. Two weeks ago, I got the Blog Tour Award from Randstein at hyperionsturm.wordpress.com.
In order to accept the award (not nomination), I was asked to post a story today, April 27th.
Together with the story, I had to answer some questions and give the award (not nomination), to other bloggers. You can check out my answers and if you won, here.

Now, without further ado, I’ll give you the story that I couldn’t make any shorter and I’m really sorry about it.
I would rate this as: if you are younger than 16, ask your parents if you can read it.

I enjoyed writing it very much and I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

“Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a cute girl named Lisa was born.
Every time a girl is born, she gets three fairy godmothers who will…

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Love starts with you

Sweet and simple.

Where did love go after you?

Manifest Joy


Love starts with the way you feel about yourself. Love isn’t given or taken away. Love starts with a single thought, a single spark to a fuse. Love doesn’t stop with the heart, but begins with the mind. Love starts with a name. The one you’ve been called since childhood, twisted up in your mother’s arms. Love starts when you chose to dance while others stand still. Love doesn’t start when you find someone, love starts with you.

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Support and Thank yous.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you.

Thank you for supporting me and believing that I can do anything even when I thought I couldn’t.

Thank you for telling me to “shut up” when I doubted myself.

Thank you for telling me to “Do it!” when I stopped thinking I could.

Support is a funny thing. I like to be pretty independent so never really thought I needed much support, but as it turns out I’m wrong! (frame that, I don’t admit that often!) I need just as much support as any normal person. Without it I would have cried and cried and cried when I failed with out being able to say “Well forget this! I’m gonna try again!” Without it I would most likely be a very bitter person. Hating all my failures thinking i’d never be able to do anything again.

Buuuuut because of you I know I can do anything if iI keep up with my persistence.

You make me feel like I am actually able to do anything. So I’ll plan to travel, I’ll plan for when I pass my courses, I’ll plan for my future with out doubts. Because I have the best support even if I don’t get where I thought I would.

So, Thank you for making me believe the world isn’t just a sucky place!

Should I stay or should I go?

Ever wonder what it would be like to just go? Literally just call into work and say “sorry can;t come in gotta go adventure” I wonder this a lot!

Lastnight I had a really cool dream where I got on a plane and just popped on over to Malaysia to see my friend. We had lots of fun adventures in this dream and it was super fun. But of course I then wake up. I’ve gotta go to work. Do the same things I do every day. Simply live. I’M GETTING CABIN FEVER (except in a flat…so…not really.)

But that isn’t good enough any more. Don’t you ever feel like you’ve got wings? Like they’re all folded up on your back? Like you need to spread them and just get gone! Well I do. But how?

I work all the time, don’t get much time off for holidays, and let’s face it, retail doesn’t pay great. So what do I do guys?

Do I save up enough money and take some time out of work so I can adventure properly or do I just wait for the time I’ll get off for my annual holiday? Oh the dilemmas I face!

Help! (again) What do all you well traveled lovely people think?

Determination and a cup of tea

Well here goes again! Cup of tea in hand and determination bursting to do something great.

As you may know i am current;y studying some science courses as well as trying to get a job that requires a lot of me proving myself.

Up until a few days ago I genuinely thought I probably couldn’t get this job, not with how tired i’ve been recently. So I (obviously) made a cup of tea, put on some music and knuckled down to some research.

i have remembered how much I love learning and how much I love helping others to learn too, so i am basically making little training guides for my team so that we can all know as much as we can about our products.

Anyway, I know I sometimes give up on myself and I know that it happens all too often, so I am going to be making sure that when I do feel like this, I i take a moment to sit down (obviously) with a cup of tea and think about why I’m feeling like this.

Is it because I genuinely think I don’t have the skill? Is it because I’m scared that I’ll fail? Or is it just me being a bit of an idiot?

Well, who knows you better than yourself?

Don’t forget to ask yourself questions, even if you think they’re silly. Don’t forget that you’re the one that has to live with you for the rest of your life, so it’s probably best you deal with all of your doubts.

What do you do to get yourself out of a “doubt rut”?



Don’t get stuck in the negativity

Just give this a quick watch! It is super simple thing to say to start thinking of positives but super hard to do (who knows why?) Well give this a quick watch anyway and have a look for yourself!

Now you have watched that have a think about what went well today?

I am very guilty of moaning and complaining about a lot of things in my life especially last year (things were rough) and it is only recently that I have started getting bored of feeling down and angry and mentally exhausted all the time. So at the moment I am trying my absolute best to say “Well that sucked, but hey it was kind of funny/ nice when…” etc.

I think it is so important to try your best to stay positive and I really hate saying that sometimes because there are times (I think we can all agree) when actually all we want to do is feel sorry for ourselves and we want people to see we have had a bad day.

Something i’ve been trying to do myself is being completely honest with myself. So, for example there other day I had a terrible day. Everything that could have gone wrong at work went wrong. People called in sick, there were refunds flying out of my ears, and there were a million and one jobs to do. As usual, I get home, make a cup of tea (you should all be used to this by now) sit down and I think to myself, did I handle the problems well today? 9 times out of ten I will say “actually yeah, I did!” which is what makes me smile. Understanding that it was ‘technically’ a bad day, but actually my attitude towards it doesn’t have to be negative.

So yet again, what have you done today that has made you smile? What has happened today to make you see the world in a positive way? What do you want to do tomorrow to make sure that positivity is always they way?