Don’t get stuck in the negativity

Just give this a quick watch! It is super simple thing to say to start thinking of positives but super hard to do (who knows why?) Well give this a quick watch anyway and have a look for yourself!

Now you have watched that have a think about what went well today?

I am very guilty of moaning and complaining about a lot of things in my life especially last year (things were rough) and it is only recently that I have started getting bored of feeling down and angry and mentally exhausted all the time. So at the moment I am trying my absolute best to say “Well that sucked, but hey it was kind of funny/ nice when…” etc.

I think it is so important to try your best to stay positive and I really hate saying that sometimes because there are times (I think we can all agree) when actually all we want to do is feel sorry for ourselves and we want people to see we have had a bad day.

Something i’ve been trying to do myself is being completely honest with myself. So, for example there other day I had a terrible day. Everything that could have gone wrong at work went wrong. People called in sick, there were refunds flying out of my ears, and there were a million and one jobs to do. As usual, I get home, make a cup of tea (you should all be used to this by now) sit down and I think to myself, did I handle the problems well today? 9 times out of ten I will say “actually yeah, I did!” which is what makes me smile. Understanding that it was ‘technically’ a bad day, but actually my attitude towards it doesn’t have to be negative.

So yet again, what have you done today that has made you smile? What has happened today to make you see the world in a positive way? What do you want to do tomorrow to make sure that positivity is always they way?


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