Determination and a cup of tea

Well here goes again! Cup of tea in hand and determination bursting to do something great.

As you may know i am current;y studying some science courses as well as trying to get a job that requires a lot of me proving myself.

Up until a few days ago I genuinely thought I probably couldn’t get this job, not with how tired i’ve been recently. So I (obviously) made a cup of tea, put on some music and knuckled down to some research.

i have remembered how much I love learning and how much I love helping others to learn too, so i am basically making little training guides for my team so that we can all know as much as we can about our products.

Anyway, I know I sometimes give up on myself and I know that it happens all too often, so I am going to be making sure that when I do feel like this, I i take a moment to sit down (obviously) with a cup of tea and think about why I’m feeling like this.

Is it because I genuinely think I don’t have the skill? Is it because I’m scared that I’ll fail? Or is it just me being a bit of an idiot?

Well, who knows you better than yourself?

Don’t forget to ask yourself questions, even if you think they’re silly. Don’t forget that you’re the one that has to live with you for the rest of your life, so it’s probably best you deal with all of your doubts.

What do you do to get yourself out of a “doubt rut”?




2 thoughts on “Determination and a cup of tea

  1. starlightdaydreamer says:

    “What do you do to get yourself out of a “doubt rut”?”
    Cry. Have an existential crisis. Listen to music. Cry some more … Haha! To be honest if I sat down with a cup of tea every time I started to doubt myself, I’d eventually have to resort to getting an IV drip of tea attached to my arm!

    I tend to get into these, ‘Yes, I have the skill an ability … BUT there’s someone better and I’ll probably end up embarrassing myself anyway,’ kind of mindsets, which I really shouldn’t.

    I think it all comes down to expectations. What you expect from yourself. What others expect from you. What you think people expect you to do. I’m trying to learn to focus on the things that make me genuinely happy and that I enjoy doing, rather than what I think people want me to do … but it’s difficult at times. Which is where the tea comes in handy!

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    • Well I’m fairly certain I have a bad tea addiction (I have a cup of tea in hand now!) But it helps me . Maybe because it’s the one thing I know I can do right every single time? haha! who knows! Stop doubting yourself! I know it is definitely easier said that done but just stop it! Keep doing things that make you happy and don’t think of anything as a failure. It’s a new opportunity to better yourself and also… an opportunity to have tea is the best kind of opportunity. OH ! Also, if you ever need some encouragement or someone to have a bit of a blab at give me a message! 🙂

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