Should I stay or should I go?

Ever wonder what it would be like to just go? Literally just call into work and say “sorry can;t come in gotta go adventure” I wonder this a lot!

Lastnight I had a really cool dream where I got on a plane and just popped on over to Malaysia to see my friend. We had lots of fun adventures in this dream and it was super fun. But of course I then wake up. I’ve gotta go to work. Do the same things I do every day. Simply live. I’M GETTING CABIN FEVER (except in a flat…so…not really.)

But that isn’t good enough any more. Don’t you ever feel like you’ve got wings? Like they’re all folded up on your back? Like you need to spread them and just get gone! Well I do. But how?

I work all the time, don’t get much time off for holidays, and let’s face it, retail doesn’t pay great. So what do I do guys?

Do I save up enough money and take some time out of work so I can adventure properly or do I just wait for the time I’ll get off for my annual holiday? Oh the dilemmas I face!

Help! (again) What do all you well traveled lovely people think?


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