Support and Thank yous.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you.

Thank you for supporting me and believing that I can do anything even when I thought I couldn’t.

Thank you for telling me to “shut up” when I doubted myself.

Thank you for telling me to “Do it!” when I stopped thinking I could.

Support is a funny thing. I like to be pretty independent so never really thought I needed much support, but as it turns out I’m wrong! (frame that, I don’t admit that often!) I need just as much support as any normal person. Without it I would have cried and cried and cried when I failed with out being able to say “Well forget this! I’m gonna try again!” Without it I would most likely be a very bitter person. Hating all my failures thinking i’d never be able to do anything again.

Buuuuut because of you I know I can do anything if iI keep up with my persistence.

You make me feel like I am actually able to do anything. So I’ll plan to travel, I’ll plan for when I pass my courses, I’ll plan for my future with out doubts. Because I have the best support even if I don’t get where I thought I would.

So, Thank you for making me believe the world isn’t just a sucky place!


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