Succeeding At Things And Stuff. 

We all want to succeed in everything we do right? 


Well here is a couple of simple things to help you on your way. 

DISCLAIMER: my advice doesn’t always work so please don’t yell at me if it sucks! 

It all starts when you wake up. Waking up from a good nights sleep feeling refreshed is super important to get a good start to your day. Wake up from your dreams and start chasing them.

Don’t think about what you won’t achieve for the day. Think about what you know you will achieve. If it helps make a list. List a step-by-step for all you want to achieve in your day. When you reach the end of that list  you’ll feel amazing! 

Another thing I have found helped me is setting achieveable goals. It isn’t helpful to set goals that are like “I will be able to speak three languages fluently by the end of next month” but what is helpful is setting goals that you  can achieve. For example ” I will be able to swim a certain amount of meters compentatly in 6 months” it might seem like it’ll take a long time but by setting goals that are actually achieveable you don’t feel like you’ve let yourself down and that is very important if you want to carry on setting goals.

So what if you fail?

Failing isn’t a bad thing. It’s just another way of learning. Failing doesn’t mean giving up it means finding another way to succeed. If you can fail and say “damn that didn’t go to plan but maybe this will work instead” then that means you’ve already succeeded at something- not giving up on yourself. So yay!! 

All in all the secret to success (or so I believe) is literally just believing you can do it and being able to understand your limits. 

But most of all: BE PROUD OF YOUR SUCCESS.



I Wish I Was A Mermaid

So I am booking swimming lessons and I am freaking out.

I wasn’t nervous until I had actually spoke to someone and they asked “how comfortable are you in the water.” and I replied with “uuuuuh comfortable and water don’t come in the same sentence with me. I want to be a mermaid but my tail doesn’t like being in the water.”

In hindsight I realise I sound a little less than sane, but hey. He laughed and I continued with “What I mean is I hate being submerged in the water and get scared when people come near me in the water…so you know… I’ll be a great student.”

In all honesty he was very lovely about it and said “don’t worry we have had a lot worse than mermaid tails that don’t like being in water. We’ll be sure to get you swimming- when do you want to start?”

I. Am. Freaking. Out.

Have I actually just decided to go to someone who is trained in dealing with awkward freaking out adults who can’t swim? Blimey… I think I need my fever checked. What if he actually expects me to SWIM? I did NOT think this through at all.

Wish I could just jump in and be all like “THE OCEAN IS MY HOME…I’M FREEEE” But instead I go “I’m drowning in the puddle! Heeeeeelp!!”

Basically guys I need some moral support here. Am I the only one that wants something improving then freaks out when it comes to the point of change? Surely I’m not the only one…right? right?

Oh God… I need a cuppa.

Time To Feel Sexy

So this morning I woke up and looked at myself as I prepared to go for a run. I thought I am not happy with the way I look. Not in a “oh god I’m so horrible I hate myself I’m going to go cry over my cup of tea this morning” kind of way. Just a simple “This is how I want to look” kind of way. So I have decided to take up a dancing class.

1- because I can’t dance for my life and it will be hilarious to watch me try. (Maybe I’ll post videos so you can all laugh at me. Honestly I don’t mind if you do. I would. I will.)

2- because I want to gain a skill. (going back to number 1…honestly…it’ll be great if i can.)

3- (the most important.) I want to feel good about myself and I honestly think that doing pole fitness will be the one to help make that happen.

Pole fitness is a great workout in many ways. It works out every muscle and helps strengthen them so they actually become strong rather than just toning to look good (though I hope that happens too.) It’s also a fairly low impact one so it won’t be bad for my knees (call the 1940’s they let me loose in the future. Such an old woman.)

Anyway if you guys have’t seen how amazing pole fitness looks just go onto Youtube. Seriously there are some mega talented people out there- one girl is only like 8 years old and she is basically my idol now. She did some amazing things on the pole and I can bet your bum that she is stronger than me too. I hope to be as good as the little gal one day!

So I have now set myself a task to do this to see if doing something like pole fitness or general dance classes can help you feel more positive about yourself.

Will update you when I take first lessons and such.

What talents do you guys wish you had? Let me know! Let’s see if we can share some secret tips!

Must dash! My tea is getting cold!

Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself and Why I’m An Idiot.

Quite simple i’m an idiot because it has taken me way too long to go to the doctors. I currently feel like I can move as well as a 90 year old woman who needs a hip replacement. My friends and partner have nagged and nagged (as I always complain about not being able to function like a normal human) for me to go get it all checked out properly and I finally gave in.

So basically I have only just realised how important it is to take care of yourself. Not in a eat healthy, don’t forget to exercise sort of way. But more of a “listen to your body” kind of way. Mine seems to get angry at me for doing anything that involves moving which is pretty sucky for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I have been told off by the doctor for taking so long because, and I quote “you’re breaking down.” which is great news for a 22 year old…oh wait…no it’s not. So to start out he wants me to go do some Physiotherapy see if that sorts out all the aches and pains and helps make my joints stronger and he also wants me to look at going to some sort of pain clinic to discuss methods of dealing with pain with them, however I’ll probably only do the physio as I think my way of dealing (cups of tea, cake, and just pushing through) seem to work just fine

Basically I just wanted to remind everyone that it is really important to look after yourself especially when you’re younger. We don’t know what will happen in out future so we don’t know how much strain we’ll be under. What if I don’t go to physio and when I have children I can’t play with them because I can just about walk properly. What if it is was a more serious issue? I know “what if’s” are dangerous but at this point it’s a good thing to think about. I don’t want to be that mid twenties woman that moves like an old lady. I want to run around, explore, play, and be able to improve my life rather than feeling in constant pain, so I will try my best to keep myself well.

So help me out here guys- get me motivated to change!

What do you guys do to keep fit? Do you just do a bit of running every now and then or do you go all out? Any tips for me? Any work outs I could do that would be easy on my knees and hips? (sorry grandma coming through.)


Recently celebrated mine and my partners anniversary and just wanted to share the adventures we’ve done over this weekend!

We went to over to Exmouth on a Ferry that had a super cute old dog that just walked around in circles waiting for people to stroke him. When we got there we went to a really small (pretty crappy) bowling alley and had a bit of fun (we drew) before heading off to a pub.

We had a drink or two then thought…hey we are pretty hungry and went to find a nice place to eat. We ended up eating at a lovely little place that had fantastic pizza and a lot of Italian speaking people which was pretty cool, after which we thought it would be a great idea to do a bit of tipsy sawn boat driving. (i definitely was the best…well after the crashing.)

We also went to the Zoo! Now, I bloody love the zoo and the Paignton Zoo is one of the leaders in how they take care of the animals etc which is really good too!

One thing that made me giggle (because i’m a grown up.) Is they all kept doing the dirty! They were all very…”active”! Was pretty funny! Anyway. I’ll stop boring you and here are some pictures that aren’t very exciting but I just wanted to share them!

IMG_1710_2 IMG_1730 IMG_1649 IMG_1711  IMG_1782IMG_1519IMG_1496 IMG_1495 IMG_1493_2IMG_1673_2IMG_1494_2IMG_1497  IMG_1611 IMG_1687_2  IMG_1803_2

Getting Somewhere

So, What’s happened since I was last here?

Not much to be honest,I have been told that I have basically got the job that I went for! I am pretty surprised because there was someone else who I thought was going to get at as he was really quite good!

To go along with my application I started trying my best to turn things around in the store. I’m quite lucky because I work with a team that are almost as enthusiastic about the turn around as me. It’s becoming a bit of a family. By that I mean they’re all a little crazy, and we most likely get on each others nerves quite a bit but I am very happy to be working with the loons!

Anyway, it’s only recently that I have really seen a team work together to get to the end of the tunnel and it is pretty fantastic. I can’t wait to get the official answer so I can celebrate with them and say a proper “Thank you” because they deserve it.

We are all little worker bees working together to make the best out of work, and i think that’s just wonderful.

My point really is; don’t forget that your actions have consequences that aren’t always bad. Remember that sometimes just being a little bit upbeat and genuinely wanting to help can help someone else too. Be it making them smile when they get stressed, being on the other side of the table with a drink in your hand to listen to rambling, or even be the one to physically help pick up the boxes of stock and carrying them up and down a million flights of stairs. Just remember that helping others in any way possible means the world can move in a more positive way.

Even if you’re having a bad day try your best to do one act of random kindness a day!

Go! Go! Go!