Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself and Why I’m An Idiot.

Quite simple i’m an idiot because it has taken me way too long to go to the doctors. I currently feel like I can move as well as a 90 year old woman who needs a hip replacement. My friends and partner have nagged and nagged (as I always complain about not being able to function like a normal human) for me to go get it all checked out properly and I finally gave in.

So basically I have only just realised how important it is to take care of yourself. Not in a eat healthy, don’t forget to exercise sort of way. But more of a “listen to your body” kind of way. Mine seems to get angry at me for doing anything that involves moving which is pretty sucky for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I have been told off by the doctor for taking so long because, and I quote “you’re breaking down.” which is great news for a 22 year old…oh wait…no it’s not. So to start out he wants me to go do some Physiotherapy see if that sorts out all the aches and pains and helps make my joints stronger and he also wants me to look at going to some sort of pain clinic to discuss methods of dealing with pain with them, however I’ll probably only do the physio as I think my way of dealing (cups of tea, cake, and just pushing through) seem to work just fine

Basically I just wanted to remind everyone that it is really important to look after yourself especially when you’re younger. We don’t know what will happen in out future so we don’t know how much strain we’ll be under. What if I don’t go to physio and when I have children I can’t play with them because I can just about walk properly. What if it is was a more serious issue? I know “what if’s” are dangerous but at this point it’s a good thing to think about. I don’t want to be that mid twenties woman that moves like an old lady. I want to run around, explore, play, and be able to improve my life rather than feeling in constant pain, so I will try my best to keep myself well.

So help me out here guys- get me motivated to change!

What do you guys do to keep fit? Do you just do a bit of running every now and then or do you go all out? Any tips for me? Any work outs I could do that would be easy on my knees and hips? (sorry grandma coming through.)


2 thoughts on “Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself and Why I’m An Idiot.

  1. I would not recommend running, it is not very good for your knee. I have a knee injury myself and I have to restrict myself to only doing some exercises. As a start going for stretching classes and light walking will be useful. Swimming is very good therapy for your joints and muscles too, it will most likely be tight especially if you have not been working out.

    For me, I do 2-3 times a week of kickboxing and dance. Variate the exercises so it will not be boring and once your body is used to it, then you can explore other more intensive exercises. Anyway you are only in your twenties! There is plenty of time to explore what your body can do!

    Hope it helps! – from another grandma lol

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    • Haha thank you very much! Yeah need to stop running because it’s too high impact but I’m a little addicted! Trying to take up cycling too! I actually can’t swim but last night i actually made plans for some lessons as I did think it would probably help me! Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to let you know what has been helping, physio first though.

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