Succeeding At Things And Stuff. 

We all want to succeed in everything we do right? 


Well here is a couple of simple things to help you on your way. 

DISCLAIMER: my advice doesn’t always work so please don’t yell at me if it sucks! 

It all starts when you wake up. Waking up from a good nights sleep feeling refreshed is super important to get a good start to your day. Wake up from your dreams and start chasing them.

Don’t think about what you won’t achieve for the day. Think about what you know you will achieve. If it helps make a list. List a step-by-step for all you want to achieve in your day. When you reach the end of that list  you’ll feel amazing! 

Another thing I have found helped me is setting achieveable goals. It isn’t helpful to set goals that are like “I will be able to speak three languages fluently by the end of next month” but what is helpful is setting goals that you  can achieve. For example ” I will be able to swim a certain amount of meters compentatly in 6 months” it might seem like it’ll take a long time but by setting goals that are actually achieveable you don’t feel like you’ve let yourself down and that is very important if you want to carry on setting goals.

So what if you fail?

Failing isn’t a bad thing. It’s just another way of learning. Failing doesn’t mean giving up it means finding another way to succeed. If you can fail and say “damn that didn’t go to plan but maybe this will work instead” then that means you’ve already succeeded at something- not giving up on yourself. So yay!! 

All in all the secret to success (or so I believe) is literally just believing you can do it and being able to understand your limits. 

But most of all: BE PROUD OF YOUR SUCCESS.



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