Don’t Forget Where Your Home Is.

Lately (like always) I have been thinking A LOT about home. Thinking about the fact that I am always trying to escape it. I always seem to want to leave and explore and have adventures else where. I was on a train taking in the delightful views that my home has to offer and I thought- how much of my home have I actually explored? Not much in all honesty.  So while I am trying to save up to explore other places I have decided I am going to try and be more proactive about adventuring around my home. It’s so easy to get to some beautiful and amazing places without actually having to leave the country so why don’t I do that?  I feel so cooped up and pooped out working constantly and dreaming about days of adventure when I could just hop on a train and explore. Get away from all my worries. Get away from work. Don’t forget where your home is guys. You might be missing something beautiful while dreaming for something “bigger and better”. Home exploring… Go!   


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