Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

So, the other day while being rather Ill I watched a whole series of a Netflix original “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”. What started out as “I’ll just watch a couple of episodes” turned into “oh it’s night time”

This show tells the story of a woman who along with three other young women were kidnapped when they were young and kept in a bunker for 15 years by a crazy reverend who insisted he was saving them from the rapture.

In the first episode you meet the ladies when they get set free. Being dubbed “the Indiana Mole women” got them onto a New York talk show.

From here the seemingly most “together” one of them all decides she wants to stay in New York to pursue her dreams. But let’s face it… She has been kept underground for 15 years- she has no idea how the world works these days.

We follow a ¬†quirky character who always shows optimism and many levels of PTSD who always tries her best to fix everything and make everyone happy. One who often succeeds in making myself smile. She’s an interesting woman who never ceases to be herself- no matter how weird she may be.


So here is something I’ve learnt from her that I intend to take with me further; “You can stand anything for ten seconds.”

So here goes… 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

This unique show is one that I would recommend to anyone who needs an uplift or something to help them get through the day. Through fantastic one liners, and moving stories this show provides an excellent escape from the outside world, letting you run off into the world of Kimmy.

Kimmy is an adorable human being and I hope I can be as positive and as adorable as her one day.

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I’m Not A Crazy Cat Lady

So, I’m not a crazy cat lady. I don’t think so anyway. I don’t own any cats so that’s got to be a good thing right?

Basically I am going to share with you some AMAZING (please don’t judge me) cat jokes.

Q: What is a cat’s favourite cereal?

A: Micecrispies.

Q: What do cats use for justice systems?

A: Claw enforcement.

Q: What do you call a pile of cats?

A: A Meowntin.

Q: What do cats love on a hot day?

A: Mice-cream.

Q: What is a cats favourite song?

A: Three Blind Mice.

Q: Where does a cat go when it loses it’s tail?

A: A retail store.

These a just a few. Do you have any ridiculous jokes that I could tell all my friends? They’d be delighted- it’s not like I tell cat jokes all of the time anyway.