Where To Go?

So this is just a quick page that I will Keep adding to for as long as I can.

I wanted to make a list of places that should go and I wanted you guys to help.


You have all set me really helpful hints, tips and tricks and I would love if you think of anything else to let me know on here!

1. America- Ideally I want to do the classic driving through where ever I can, but I am happy if I even get to go to one place there!

2. Japan- I have always wanted to go here ever since I was little, but now my friend is there sending me pictures and blogging about it, it is making me super excited so I have to get there soon!

3- Australia- Who wouldn’t want to go here?!

4- India- I may do a bit of teaching while exploring too.

5- Spain- Cheap and Cheerful. Lot’s of beautiful places I have been told.

6- Rome- Because I just love architecture and I’ve seen too many pictures of beautiful buildings.

7- Venice- Who actually knows how long this will stay afloat? MUST GO!

8- Thailand- Been wanting to go here since I was little too!

9- Prague- Been told by many of you this is a great place to go!

10- Morroco- This one has been recombined by a lot of you too!

11- Germany

12- Brugge

13- Dublin

I can’t think of any more places off the top of my head right now so I would love if you guys wanted to add more!

I don’t know how long it will take me to cross these all of my lists but I will do them all (eventually)



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